3d illustration process

We work with both 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional Cad software. These programs allow us to use most files that architects and designers supply us with eg. Dwg, dxf, skp, 3ds, drw, obj, max, fbx to name a few. We mainly work with 3d software created by Autodesk and in turn reads most files, if not, we convert the files. If you only have sketches, then it’s no problem, we can work from them. We receive a brief from the client where by the project will be assessed and we will then quote accordingly.

Once the ‘go-ahead’ has been given, we start by building up the 2 dimensional plan provided by the architects or designers into a 3d model.


Then when the basic 3d model is built up we inform the client of the progress thus far. 
We then ad lighting to the model and this is where the project starts to come to life.


Then follows the texturing, we add the specified and desired colour to walls, furniture, floors etc.


Once all the texturing or colouring is done we render an illustration of the model at a high resolution.
The image is then taken to software like Photoshop for some final touch ups. Communication is key to success.